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A-Z of Real Estate Part Two

Marketing- You are selling your most expensive asset and you want the world to know.  Maybe there is one more person you could reach, who loves your house and will pay a little more.  You must be prepared to spend a little to make a lot.  You can’t sell a

Agency Agreement – The legal document binding you to your chosen agent.  Can be for any period of time and can be exclusive or open.  Typical in 2260, agency agreements are for 12 weeks and generally exclusive so you work with one agency but everything is negotiable.  Buyer – What it’s all

One of the most stressful things we do in our lives is to sell the family home.  It affects so many core parts of our world. ♦Financial (“will I get enough money?”) ♦Physical (“I have to get it ready and how do I ever start?”) ♦Legal (“how on earth do

Missed Part One? Click here So you’re ready to get serious. Talk to the agent of the property you are interested in and tell them you want to make an offer, subject to your due diligence. Your due diligence is anything at all that YOU need to satisfy you that the

Buying My First Home Part One

I’ve recently spent time with my 20- something nieces and nephews and realised they know little about how to go about buying their first house. So, if you are 20-something (or 30-something or even 40-something!) and have a vague idea about stepping on the property ladder, here are a couple

10 Interesting Wordly Facts

Who would’ve thought? 1. The White House in the United States costs around $110 million USD. 2. The current president of the U.S., Donald Trump, has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times for his investment properties. 3. In 2007, the late Leona Helmsley, an American businesswoman known for her flamboyant

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