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Thoughts After a Conference…

Some musings after attending a huge national conference. Learn the difference between any think and any thing.  (Just to give you a wee clue there is no such word as anythink.)Learn the difference between Free and THree.  If you are older than five you should be able to pronounce THR together in a line.  If

I love to read. Being absorbed by a good book is one of my absolute pleasures. Diving into the pages and going somewhere new, learning about a new life, living vicariously with someone else’s dreams and triumphs, challenges, or tragedies. I’ve been known to wander into bookshops and just browse

To Move or Renovate

Its an often asked question in the living rooms of the Central Coast…  “Should we move or should we renovate?” Mostly asked when you can’t bear to cook one more meal in that grotty kitchen, or find yourself rolling your eyes at the truck next door that starts at 5:00am.  Every morning.

In the world of fashion, anything older than a decade is probably out of date. NO to those shoulder pads.  Sadly, this is also the case in home fashion and if you are thinking of selling, it might be time to do some editing and freshening up before you try

Sometimes the competition makes me look amazing because they are so bad. Its no surprise that good photographs are the first step to attracting quality buyers to a property.Get the light right.  Move the furniture around a little.  Get rid of the clutter.  Frame the image well.  This all helps

“How are you?  Busy?…”  When I run into people I haven’t seen for a while, they always say, “How are you?  Busy?” without giving me a chance to answer which I have started to find really conflicting/ annoying.  There’s typically a brief internal moment weighing up options.  And I find myself agreeing

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